Michael Thomas' 1958 TR3

It was February of 1997 and the first nice above 40 degree day of the year. We had had a terrible winter with record cold and snow. I went out to the garage and sat in my 1958 Triumph TR3. It had been 5 long months since I had started her. I decided to give it a try. After priming the fuel pump and filling the float bowls I turned her over and to my amazement, she started right up. I sat there in the dark garage and revved her up a bit, listening to that sweet exhaust tone. I had the wind screen off but still decided to ease her out of the garage. I sat in the driveway revving her up and decided I would take her for a quick spin around the block. The snow and ice were mostly cleared off the road, so I thought it would be ok. There I go down the street, happy as a jaybird. I came to the end of the block to the main intersect. There was quite a bit of traffic so I waited a while before taking off. Finally a clearing in the traffic so I let off the clutch and stepped on the gas. I took off up the hill and she zipped right along. What happened next is a little blurry!!! Before I realized that I had forgotten to tighten down the dutz fasteners on the bonnet, it caught the wind and flipped back, slamming me on the head so hard it almost knocked me out. Totally dazed I didn't realize the bonnet had broken off the hinges and after hitting me on the head had flipped over the car and landed in the middle of the street. I stopped the car and ran back towards my bonnet and before I could reach it, a big station wagon ran over it. I was in total shock that my hood was destroyed and to make matters worse I had gotten out of the car so fast, being dazed and all, I had forgotten to put the car in gear and it was rolling back against traffic. I raced towards the car and stumbling to try to get in my car as it was still rolling. I am sure it was a sight to be seen. I got the car stopped and sadly walked back to drag my destroyed hood back to my car. I kind of wedged the bonnet in the space behind the seat and sadly limped back around the block. As I rounded the corner back towards my house I saw my brother's car in my driveway. I limped home with my injured neck hanging at a 45 degree angle. My brother knew something was up as he knew I always drove my Triumph with a lot of gusto. I pulled over to the curbed and started to tell my brother my unfortunate escapade. He started laughing so hard he was crying. After seeing him laugh so hard I realized what an idiotic stunt this was and how stupid I must have looked. Thank god there were no cameras on phones back then as I am sure I would have been the featured video on YouTube. Lesson learned. Always be sure to check your car to make sure your first run of the season doesn’t end up like mine. I was just too excited for spring to arrive and to drive my TR3 again.