Paul Alexander 1964 TR4

In the spring of 1973 my sister-in-law had a boyfriend with a blue TR3. We became friends working on his car. He convinced me to buy a TR. After a month of looking I found a signal red 1964 TR4 in a small farming community in central Texas. Cresson was located next to a large rail storage yard. The owner of the 4 had retired from the railroad using the 4 as his daily drive. When I first saw the car it was in his barn covered in dust and hay. John and I rolled it out to the yard, turned the key and it fired right up. Were we surprised! The owner had turned to farming and cattle for his retirement. Asking what he wanted for the car he said would sell it for $500 or trade for a heifer. I looked at him, then to my friend with a blank look. 

I said "$500 or a what?"

The owner smiled and said, "A heifer, son, a heifer. You know what a heifer is don't cha?"

Being a city boy I shuffled my feet and said in my best farming voice "Well, nope." I paid the man $500 and we drove home with hay still flying out of the cockpit.
And that's how I learned about heifers! And my TR that I still have.