Paul Tamas' 1970 MG Midget

It was more than 10 years ago; at that time I had a 1970 MG Midget with all the quirks of a British car. One day, I was driving with my (at that time, about 6 year old) daughter, Megan, when she began questioning if the flames coming out of a hole (under the dash) were normal. At first I did not pay attention and due to the wind, it was difficult to hear. But nonetheless, she insisted and asked the same question several times. Eventually, I asked her what she was saying earlier, and she responded by asking, again, "Is it okay if there flames are coming out of this hole?" as she pointed under the dash board. As a result, I slowed down the car and examined the dash board (she was very short that time and the hole was at her eye level) and unexpectedly, she was right; there were flames coming out from the dash board! I stopped the car, opened the bonnet, and by that time you could smell the burning rubber and oil. The wiring harness shorted out and started the fire. As a long time British car owner, I carry a fire extinguisher with me all the time and it saved the life of the MG, and most likely our lives too. Long story short, the moral of this story is that it’s always better to have a short passenger if you are driving a British car!