Pete Cue's 1973 MGB

Back in the late 1979, I purchased a trade-in from the Datsun dealer, where I was a Z-car technician. I did a ground up restoration on it, the whole shooting match; even a new top; fresh engine and transmission. As a young man sowing his wild oats in Austin, Texas, we'd go honking tonkin and after a night of running around I ended up in front of my friend’s house. As the testosterone levels were well elevated, as well as the alcohol, I started to rev up this old little 1.8 litre way past its intended power band. 

All of a sudden I heard a buzz-saw noise, and noticed sparks flying from the center of my hood; I sat there in utter amazement. Being well versed in all aspects of car repair, I was numb-what could this be? Was I having a ‘70's flash-back, I then heard a ting; and my dash lights came on, I got out and found, the factory 4 bladed fan had exploded my water pump and had gone through my hood. The hood looked like a can opener had been used on it. The fan was found 3 houses down the block, where it had hit the outside wall of the house. And that my motoring friends is my story, and I sticking to it. By the way, Don't Eat The Brown Acid!!!!!!!!