Terry Woodburn's 1977 MGB

I had just finished replacing a troublesome Lucas distributor with a Petronix electronic unit. I decided to take the car out for a test. I was doing about 40 mph and decided to find out if the problem was solved. I passed a police car going the other way and continued to accelerate. The police car turned around and I figured he couldn't have been after me so I continued to accelerate. When the lights came on I figured he must have meant me as I noticed in the rear view mirror the speed limit was 30. He pulled me over and informed me of my infraction. As he looked over the car he said he had had one of those at one time and if I could give him a legitimate excuse he would forgo the ticket. I thought for a minute and told him, “My wife had just broke up with me and ran off with a policeman, and I thought it was you, trying to bring her back." I didn't get the ticket.