Tom Shannon's 1969 MGC

Years ago I joined the New England MG car club. Of course, I was the only MGC owner in the club. I became the butt of jokes as the owner of the MG with the gland problem. On a trip to the Westminster MG car museum for a car judging contest, the club had no award for my model. I did find it interesting that an MGC with the same mineral blue color was on display in the museum. I had many votes and was told I could be an honorary B. Knowing that the C is a much better car I declined the offer. Next year we did the same run and I was assured the club now had an award for my model class. About 150 cars arrived and lo and behold I was the only C there. I had to win. And I did. My name was called and they said, “Tom, please bring the MG with the gland problem up and get your best in show plaque.” There is no justice sometimes.