Tracy Nowak 1975 Midget

My father bought a 1975 MG Midget car back in the mid ‘80’s. Every one of his children and grandchildren have stated that we loved and wanted the car. For years he would just give us the cocky smile laugh and said, “No.” It sat in my parent’s garage until May of 2015. The car now resides in my garage. I have been purchasing all of my new parts, a little at a time, from Victoria British to repair the car. I'm trying to get it ready for my father's 70th Birthday, which is October 13, 2016. I just want to see his face when he gets to actually drive the car around with my mother and the top down. He has no clue what I have planned for him. I have a little over a year to get it up and running with a lot to do to get it done. This winter my husband and I, with little help from my father, we will be removing the engine and figuring out what else we will need. The seats are missing a few brackets, the convertible top is ripped in a few places and missing miscellaneous pieces & parts. I have no after pictures, but I do have a few before pictures.