William Russell 1965 MGB

I was first smitten by the MGB when I was a wee lad of ten. My father and I had just moved from Michigan. My poor mother had been left behind in the dead of winter while the "boys" went to look for a new place to live. What a great time it was for me! The beach was a few minutes away and it was warm! I was out for a stroll with my father walking along US route 1 in Palm Beach, Florida. We had left the television set behind so nothing much to do except walk to the library. We passed in front of a dealer that had a whole lot full of brand new MGB's! What a sight it was! There was one that was set up on a raised platform. It was the prettiest car I had ever seen! Powder blue and gorgeous! I said right then that I would have one when I got old enough to drive! Move the clock forward about 9 years and I was ready to buy one. I looked through the paper and I found one that was just right for my limited budget. It was plain white with red interior. It ran great and it looked pretty good although I knew nothing of what to look for on a used MGB. I think I paid 600 dollars for it and I drove it away. What a time! I would drive all over with the top down and it was great. My girlfriend loved it and even though it was small it was big enough for us! We would drive to the beach and just had a blast with it! On a whim we took off to Sanibel Island which was a couple of hours away. It drove great and nothing broke. On the way back it started to rain which was no problem. We got a little wet from the inevitable top leaks but it was so relaxing my girlfriend went to sleep. I continued on and the rain got worse and worse. It was no problem as the wipers worked and even the defroster worked! I pushed on through the rain. Suddenly with no warning I was totally engulfed in water and trying to not drown! My girlfriend work up and was screaming! I hit the brakes and slowed it down to stop the torture! When the water finally stopped I looked down and could see the pavement slipping by! What the heck? I pulled over and discovered that a previous owner had stuffed a layer of cardboard under the carpet to block the rusted out floorboards! I guess some people would say that I should have learned my lesson and got away from MGB's. That was my first one and there have been quite a few since then. Needless to say, the fist thing I check on an MGB is the floorboards! 

The first picture is of the MGB not long after I bought it an before I discovered quite how rusty it was! The second picture is with replacement floorboards, roll cage to hold it together and the California top I purchased on Oct 2, 1984 (my oldest daughter was born that day). I painted it Toyota bright white shortly thereafter. I sold it about a year later. I'm sure it is long gone as the rust was ever so bad.