Tom Rowe 1980 TR8


I ended up with a 1980 Triumph TR8 because I love all the hybrid European cars with good old American motivation. I was attracted to the TR8 in large part because of the 215-cubic-inch aluminum V8 that was originally designed and built by Buick in the early '60s. I bought the car about 8 years ago from another SCCA member.

The car had been modified prior to me buying it, with stiffer springs, cam , header, intake, carb, exhaust and rear end. I have made small modifications like fuel pump, shocks and electric fan, along with maintenance.

I have bought many parts from Victoria British, most recently a new fuel tank. I have been very pleased with the quality. I also get to save freight because I can pick up from their very knowledgeable City Counter. The best thing about the TR8 is how much fun it is to drive and how reliable it is. It surprises a lot of people with its throaty growl. To me, the TR8 is a very well-kept performance secret.