Nancy Wobig 1978 Spitfire

In 1971, I was a college senior returning home for a weekend visit. As I drove into my parents' driveway, I noticed an impressive Triumph Spitfire convertible parked there. Though I wasn't a sports car aficionado, I sure recognized a cool ride! What a surprise to find the owner of that car in my parents' home paying them for renting one of their apartments. We were introduced, but then he left. Three months later when I was home for Christmas break, I saw him again at a local establishment, and we began dating. My first attraction was to his car, but I later learned he was a great guy, and we married a year later. Fast forward to the 1990's when we saw an ad for a Triumph Spitfire convertible for sale. We just had to have that car. You might say we were in experiencing a mid-life crisis, but that 1978 car has been with us ever since. What fun for our kids to drive, and one of these days, maybe even our grandkids. So that's the story of how a really neat sports car attracted the girl who got the guy who later both got the car again. And they lived happily ever after!