Wayne Martin & his '76 MGB

When I joined Facebook, I admitted to owning an MB B with electrical problems in my profile. I got prayers from all over the world for me to get through it. They were definitely needed. There was a boatload of problems, but some just stand out and can’t be explained or just very lucky I found the problem. 

The car is almost ready to drive somewhere, but it gave me some amazing problems: 

1.    I would be driving and it would just stop. Uphill/downhill/flat surface… didn’t matter. It would restart and go in about 5 minutes. I discovered accidently it was the wiring to the fuel pump – they were connected and were positioned down. The male was too small for the female connection. When I drove, it wiggled out until it turned off my gas. I soldered them together and no longer have the problem. 
2.    I was going to the auto store for a part for another car and upon leaving discovered the starter was spinning and I couldn’t stop it with or without the key. Finally had to disconnect the battery to stop it. Of course, it was towed home. Of course I didn’t have my top with me. Of course it rained pretty hard on the way home. I jacked it up a couple of days later and discovered a two inch screw had bounced from the road and attached itself to my starter connection from my battery and shorted across another lead, which caused the car to try to continually start. I pulled it off and the problem was solved. What were the odds this could happen?
The Facebook prayers apparently worked, but the car has a mind of its own sometimes.   

Thanks to Victoria British for making the ‘getting new parts’ part of the equation a little easier than it normally would probably be.