Brayden Parady & his '76 MGB

I'm only 15 years old and have had an MGB for three years now. My dad introduced the car to me when he pulled up in our driveway with a cherry red MGB on a trailer. I have worked on the car as much as I could and have gotten it running nice and smooth several times. But unfortunately I have had to pull the engine 4 times do to many problems, mostly because of the bearings going bad or something loose in the engine grinding away at the cylinders. Now I have gotten the engine bored out and I have bought new piston heads which are now bigger so the car will have more horsepower. Once I get the car running again it will be the one I drive to school. About a year ago, I started a website and YouTube channel called MGB Easy. The website being Like this website you may submit your story and read other stories about the adventures people have had in their MGB. My YouTube channel consists of tutorials that can further improve or fix you MG.