Brett Wilson 1976 TR7

My kids would browse the auto trader magazines and one day said "what?? this isn't a Triumph." I owned a GT6+ and they don't look related. I explained that they were mostly in junk yards, and not worth the headaches. They joked for 3 weeks that no one wanted it and it was still in the paper with a dropping price. I thought I better try and call to ask a few questions like "Does it run?" A friend had left it in his driveway 15 years ago because it wouldn't go past 5 mph, and decided to donate it, gave him the pink and said "Get rid of it." He thought he might sell it and make a few bucks instead. Thinking it would be fun to drop a V8 into, I made the 50 mile trip and bought it for a song. Dollied it home and fixed the broken fuel line, some brake work, and liked it so much, I sold my old 1960 Bugeye on the basis of I fit better in it and it has A/C. Still fixing things as fast as they go bad and finally did a major renewal of stuff recently. It'll be back on the road in a month or so.