James Huggins & his '72 & '79 MGB

First car was the 1979 MGB (Lil Red) acquired from my cousin in Washington State 10-15 years ago. After many hours, parts and polishing she was great. I gave this one to my daughter in Massachusetts. I told her it had to stay in the family. So far the price of the ‘86 hasn't burned a hole in her pocket. She still has it for a summer driver. Next came the 1972 MGB (Greenie), this was almost a complete restoration from the inside out. New top, brakes, clutch, head overhaul, restored wheels with new tires, Weber conversion from the twin carbs, to a complete interior replacement. I drove this one around with what I called the original (Bucket) seat because it was a bucket turned upside down. I purchased the 1976 MGB locally and towed it home behind my work truck (Avalanche) with the help of a great friend. I gave him the MGB for what I had in it, and he has restored this one.