Jamie Currier-Dix & her '75 MGB

Jamie’s Survivor MGB
I have to write this because Jamie having an MGB began with my receiving an inheritance from my Uncle Boo.
In 2006 after receiving my inheritance, doing the right thing and dutifully paying bills I had about $3800.00 left.
From the first six months I met Jamie, one of the things she always remarked about was how her brother Jim, now deceased, had a brown MGB while he was in college, he named it “Brown Beaver” and how much he and Jamie had enjoyed time in the car.
So, one evening whilst I worked at the Constellation nuke plant, I was perusing a “picture page” auto sales magazine; and in the colored center section, I saw this nice, medium blue MGB listed in PA.
I set the magazine down as I had to go into the plant for a portion of the shift. When I came back out I picked it back up and even though it had been closed it fell open back to that car.
Being not necessarily of sound mind I believe that there are reasons things like that happen so for the heck of it I called the number for the car.
If I recall the owner wanted $5000.00 for the car, more than I had to spend but, I wouldn’t normally let a little thing like that stop me. I had to leave a message and then went back into the plant for another round.
When I left the plant my phone chirped indicating that I had a message; and when I checked it, it was the owner of the MGB. They wanted me to call them back.
I called and talked to the female owner who related that she worked as an asst. atty. general for PA out of Pittsburgh and that she had recently purchased a Miata. She related that her husband told her one of her other cars had to go if she got the Miata. And that she decided was the MGB.
I told her about Jamie wanting an MGB and that I didn’t want to offend her but I could only offer her $3500.00 for the car.
She told me that she put it up for $5000.00 because the year before someone had offered her that and she had refused it, but that she had had the car in the paper for a while and no one had contacted her about it.
She told me she would give it some thought and get back to me.
I again went into the plant and again upon exiting found I had a message from the car’s owner. She wanted me to call her back; said that she would take my offer because I seemed like I wanted to give it to someone who would really appreciate it.
I called her back, I got her address and then had to call my brother-law-in, Ed, in PA to see if I could pull him in as a co-conspirator.
You see I knew that if my father-in-law and mother-in-law, who are wonderful folks, found out about this Jamie would also and that would put a kibosh on this situation in a heartbeat.
I talked with my brother-in-law and when he heard that I wanted him to do this and keep it from my father-in-law, he was all in, and was immediately enjoying the situation because he loves to pull on Dad’s chain (in a family teasing sort of way).
Well, as it were, Jamie’s daughter, Lyndsay, was having her high school graduation in about a week and a half in Oswego and Ed said he would trailer it up so that it would be unveiled at the party.
I hesitated because I didn’t want to take the thunder away from a lady’s graduation party but there wasn’t another day to pull it off.
On the day of the party I had worked the overnight shift at the plant, had spoken to my brother-in-law and planned to get up, meet them at the party and have Jamie see the car as it arrived.
I got to the house about ten minutes before my brother-in-law, raced through the house, Jamie’s former husband’s house, looking for Jamie who was nowhere to be found. When they pulled up, I yelled for her and had to push her out the front door so that she got there when everyone else did.
As she walked through the door and saw the car she turned back to me and with tears said “what is this?” I was very pleased to say that it was her new car and to go out and try it.
Then when we went to register it, we found that the attorney had signed the PA title in the wrong location and we had to wait for a new title. Jamie couldn’t even register the car for three months after I gave it to her!
Now that isn’t the end, this car is a survivor also.
This little MGB had a couple of dings in it from the previous two owners, and it had been given some poor maintenance over the years so it wasn’t pristine.
In the winter of ’07 while it and my Triumph were put to away in my shop, we got a terrible rain storm followed by several feet of heavy wet snow that collapsed the roof of the shop and took down the carriage house that worked as a garage behind the house.
The car was a mess, the windshield was smashed, the trunk took a truss into the center of it with the valance between the passenger compartment and the trunk lid was collapsed. The hood and sides were damaged the mirrors were smashed. We took it to J&J Auto Body in Phoenix and over a years’ time Jeff and Ron put it back together again. It was just like new; no, actually better.
Since then Jamie has had many hours of great top down riding with the little blue B.
I’ve tried to get her to pay the price and get a vanity plate but she just won’t have any of it!