Bob Hagan 1960 Sprite

I purchased my Frogeye in 1998. She has been a labor of love. This car was the 367th of 3972 built in 1960 for the British home market. The total produced for England was 9,941 making this car # 6,336. It was constructed between February 18-23, 1960 and delivered February 26th 1960 to H.A. Saunders Limited, Herford, England. The car has undergone two major restorations and has been returned to its original exterior color, Leaf Green. It came equipped with a heater, rev. counter, windscreen washer, front bumper, laminated windscreen, locking petrol cap and a Tonneau cover. The original owner was a Mrs. J. P. Craw and the initial registration Mark VVJ 320 was issued in Hertfordshire in March of 1960.