Lucas DeLeon & his '79 Spitfire

Ever since I was a small child, I always dreamed of having a convertible. Now, I am older and made my dreams come true. I was hosting a summer garage sale when a man drove up in a small blue 1979 Triumph Spitfire. I fell in love with it instantly. Lucky for me, he was selling it. I had saved up all of my money for when I found the car of my dreams. I knew this was the one for me. The next morning I went to the bank and bought the little blue car that I had dreamed of. It was perfect for me. I have been retired for nine years now and the car is still with me. It still has the original paint and everything on it is purely original. The man that had it before took very good care of it and made sure it was perfect. When I bought it, it had about 40,000 miles on it. It sat in his garage for 16 years and no one ever drove it. I knew that it was true by the way it had been preserved. I use it now for everyday activities. Such as, going to the store, taking trips to the beach and letting my granddaughter, Reba, drive it to school. I have been in parades, car shows, and so much more. Everywhere I go, everyone can’t help but stare and compliment me on how beautiful it is. I love my little Triumph Spitfire, and all the new friends I make with it. It takes me where I need to go while still looking good. It has truly been my dream come true. I am looking forward to a wonderful future with my car and all the new adventures waiting for me and my little blue car.