George Pollock & his '75 MGB

FYI, the car belonged to my Dad and when it stopped running. After several years he gave it to me to fix but I had other ideas on my mind of what to do with it. I started looking at European MG racing magazines and photos, picking up, here and there, the best futures I liked from different vintage models (see photos). 
It took me around 2 years to get all the parts needed and installed, some I installed them and took them out, others were placed to stay. BTW, I still owe a few $$ on my credit car as well…haha!!… But it was worth it, since now it looks exactly like I wanted, and there is more to come. Just last week I built and installed a customized roll bar as you can see in the photos, but it is not finished until I install a better looking 3rd brake light in the top center of the bar.