Saul Klein 1979 Midget

MG Black Tulip paint, Black interior, Built 4/1979.  51,345 miles - Purchased 3/2007 with 26,600 miles showing.  Spitfire overdrive J-type installed 2/2012, Weber DGEV, de-smogged engine, Pertronix ignition, Body color painted bumpers, DIY new black vinyl zip-out hood/top, stainless braided brake hoses, luggage rack, Minator alloy wheels.  Future plans - Drive, Drive, Fun!

Our son Ross gave me a 1970 MGB as a retirement present in July, 2000, and I drove it from upstate New York back home to east coast Florida. In 2005 Ross gave me a 1989 Jaguar XJS V12 conv., and we sold the MGB to my neighbor. After a year or so, I really missed the "MG driving experience" where you get a "grin" on your face at 50 mph, versus the need to go over 100 mph in the Jag to just get that same grin. So, I searched on and found my 1979 Midget in Mt Dora, Florida. The carburetor had been replaced with a Weber at a local garage and not installed properly, messing up the crankcase ventilation, etc. causing oil to badly spray out the dipstick tube. Also, the brakes needed repaired. After I took a test drive, I realized the potential of the Midget, and settled on a "good" price. I have put over 25,000 wonderful "hobby" miles on "Sir Malcolm", having only to "correct" the crankcase pressure problem (a rubber hose), and replaced the complete brake system, including master cylinder. In April 2008, I had Malcolm's original Leyland White re-sprayed "MG Black Tulip", a dark purple, including the "rubber" bumpers. We have been to too many Florida British car events, including some longer driving trips to Tallahassee, Miami, Jekyl Island & Dillard, Georgia, and drove the "Tail of the Dragon" in North Carolina & Tennessee.... Oh, and I do get that grin, starting around 40 mph in the Midget ... ;-)