Bruce Karevold 1962 Sprite

I bought my 1962 Austin Healey Bugeye as a salvage recovery after the 1997 Red River Valley Flood. It was fully submerged, and the engine, tranny, and rear axle were full of water. My late father "Gil" and I bought it as a project as a project and I'm still working on it a little every time I drive it. We rebuilt the engine and transmissions cleaned it up and got it running the spring or 1998 and it's been a Sunday Drive ever since. 

The fondest memory I have of this car is of me pulling it, middle of winter, dad wearing a Santa Hat, top down, as we rolled down Main Street in Fargo, everybody waved. I don't have a photo of that day, but I wish I did. 

This was the last project my father and I ever worked on together, there were a scraped knuckle and a some disagreements over this red Santa's Sleigh, but that was the fun of working with Dad. It turned that turned out to be great fun on the road. She's not perfect, she's not fast, but she's a lot of fun to drive and work on. It always brings a smile to peoples face as I drive by, and when someone waives it brings back good memories of a father who took time to teach me how the turn a wrench and enjoy working on a car that will always need a little more work.