Pat Davis 1961 TR4

First of all, I want to thank Victoria British for being the major contributor and sponsor of the hill climb that I won at the 2014 National Convention.
Along with sending you many pictures and the interview I did when the car won best of show at the 2013 TRA National Convention, I will convey what happened at the 2014 VTR Meet.
The reason this is taking place is because a member of your company came up to me on the concours field at the convention, an absolutely stunning setting at Shelton Vineyards around Dodson, NC, in the Blue Ridge Mountains. He asked if he could take pictures and said how much he liked the car and that I should contact you with a story because he felt this car was worthy of a feature story.
Here is some of what went down with the car at the National Meeting.
Before I left home, I had decided to try to win the Carolina Cup, which is an award given to the car that wins the most points in the moving events plus the concours, along with points from pictures and craft items presented.
Upon arrival I set up all my pictures and craft items in the appropriate areas, registered, had some time with old friends I hadn't seen in a year, and finally went to bed.
The next three days I competed in all the events that need to be completed for the Carolina Cup. I had the car well tuned and it performed extremely well. It won the hill climb in its class. Had the fastest time in its class in the auto cross, but only got credit for second place (supposedly ran one more time than I was allowed; that didn't happen, but it is what it is). Got second place in concours - only points deducted were on the undercarriage after running in the rain all weekend trying for the elusive Carolina Cup. Left early on the Moonshine
Rally with my good friend Rich Roenigk acting as navigator and he did a great job through all the rain. After returning to the motel, I found that the rubber seal around the trunk was leaking. There was about four inches of water around the spare tire. We did the Funkhana and I made a complete fool out of us — didn't do anything right. The Lord Hassel Fun Rally was really tough, but what great roads — the run up the mountainside was awesome.
Didn't win the Carolina Cup — didn't even come close, but what a great time. Sometimes you get the bear and sometimes the bear gets you.
Got three of your beautiful awards out of it and they are up on the wall of my building. Every time I look at them I will remember this event.
I put over one thousand miles on the car through the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains — the whole experience was wonderful. Food was good — drank too much beer at Marty's Brew Swap and most of all saw all my old friends and made some new ones. It's all about the people — that is what I always say.