Don Jones 1960 Sprite

This happened years ago when my daughter was approximately 3 years old. She loved to ride in our Bugeye Sprite and anytime I cranked it up, she knew she could get me to take her with me. One day it came time to put all new tires on it and I took it to a local dealer. Of course, my daughter just had to go with me. 

Like I said, this was several years ago and at this particular tire dealer; you drove your car into one bay to have the new tires mounted and into another bay where they balanced the tires on the car. Well, my daughter had to go to the bathroom while the Sprite was having the new tires mounted. She was a grown up girl of 3 and insisted on using the Ladies restroom by herself, I just had to open the door for her.

This is when things started to happen, a guy from the dealer comes to me and says that they've got the tires on and wanted me to pull it into the next bay so they can balance them. I figured, my daughter is going to be in there a while since she was in the habit of taking all her clothes off back then when she went and the restrooms were right next to the bays. I got in the car and cranked it up and had just got it into reverse, when this siren type scream came running out of the restroom. "Daddy! Daddy! Don't Leave Me!" and not a stitch of clothes on. Everyone in the garage stopped what they were doing to see what was going on. 

I realized that I had made about the worse mistake I could have ever made and spend the next few minutes trying to calm my daughter down and get her clothes back on. She knew EXACTLY what my little Bugeye sounded like and thought I was about to leave her on their doorstep.

Well, now she's 43 and will probably resent me sending in this story about her and the Bugeye for a contest, but it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.