Searing Family & their '78 Spitfire

My wife rebuilt a mid-60’s Saab with her father when she was a kid and has always been comfortable in the garage. When we got married the most I knew about cars was what the "Check Engine" light meant (it means take it to the service center, because you're in over your head!).

Over 10 years of marriage, she's taught me a lot about tinkering under the hood. A few weeks before our 10th anniversary, we saw this old, busted '78 Spitfire with a 'For Sale' sign on the side of the road. It was originally orange, but had seen better days. Well, she mentioned in passing how fun it would be to work on a car like that again. A few days later, I contacted the seller, bought the car, and surprised her with what has turned out to be the best anniversary gift I've ever bought. 

We're now 11 years married, and we've spent the past year fixing up the Spitfire on nights and weekends. With two small toddlers, the garage has become our "date night" location when we can't find a babysitter. After lots of engine tinkering, some body work and new coat of paint (now dark blue), when a babysitter is available, it's our "date night" transportation as well!