Elizabeth Pringle 1972 Midget

Driving Miss Maddy.

Since restoring my 1972 MG Midget it became a regular event starting last summer for me to pick up my now almost five year old granddaughter on Sundays and go for a drive. When I first got the car she pointed out "it just my size"! Last year while driving our regular route she mentioned how great it was because it also meant "just room for me and you, Nan, just me and you." She is beyond sweet.

Before I put it away in the fall we had another conversation about it, it went as follows.

"You know, Maddy, some day this car will be yours." 

She replied, "No, that's okay, Nanny. I don't know how to drive". I explained to her while laughing that some day she will learn to drive and that I would teach her when she's old enough.

Her reply to that was, "No, that's okay, I can't reach the pedals anyway, that's okay, Nanny." Of course now most of the rest of the conversation was me explaining to her that she will be able to when she gets older. But at four years old she had no concept of the fact that she will grow bigger than she is now. 

At Christmas she asked me how much longer it would be before we can get the car back out. She then went on to say, " You were right, Nan, I did get bigger, but I still can't reach and I just like to look around while you drive, so you can still drive." 

Last weekend while she was at my place the car topic came up again as I was getting ready to bring it out of storage.

She asked me, "Nanny, why would you give your car to me? Where are you going when I'm big?" I simply told her nowhere, but when she was old enough to drive she would need a car and that she could have that one to use.

She then replied, "No, Nanny because then you won't be able to pick me up at my house like you always do." I told her she could pick me up instead. Her response brought tears to my eyes as she casually said it, turned and skipped down the hallway. " Okay, Nan, I will pick you up on Sundays forever, cause only you and me can ever fit in ."