Gary Yeager 1973 Spitfire

This past spring I had the opportunity to take my Triumph Spitfire on a spring shakedown cruise to western Washington to attend a soccer game my son happened to be playing in. It was to be a wonderful weekend. The sun was shining; no rain in the forecast. My son's team won. Over all it was turning out to be quite a blast. To make things even better I met some friends at the tournament who came to watch him play. Afterwards, we all went to a local Pizza parlor to celebrate. After we were done we departed for our respective hotels/motels for the rest of the evening. Here-is-where-it-got-interesting! Since I was not familiar with the area we were in I plugged in my GPS which had not been updated for several years. Mistake!! I began to follow the directions to my motel. Well, after driving around the streets of Puyallup, WA and the surrounding area repeatedly and making the same turns. I suddenly noticed I was being followed by who I thought, and a few minutes later confirmed, was a local police officer. Yes, he eventually turned on his flashing lights and pulled me over. I immediately began to assess my situation. I knew I wasn't speeding, I didn't make any illegal turns, but I did just leave the pizza parlor, needless to say I was a little perplexed and worried as to why I was being pulled over. The officer very courteously asked for my license, registration and proof of insurance. After a few minutes he returned and gave me my documents. He then asked in a very direct voice "do you know why I pulled you over?" I very sheepishly responded that I didn't know and wondered what the issue was. Well, he very directly told me that my tail lights were not on, and wondered if I knew that!! The only thing I could think of was to look up at him and state "you do know that this is a British car! At that point he chuckled a bit and indicated he was aware of some wiring issues relative to old cars. He then very politely gave me the appropriate directions and followed me to my motel. I was able to correct the problem the next morning. Whew!!!