Mike Beery 1976 TR6

Having grown up in Kansas City, Kansas, I was always into muscle cars until I drove my brother-in-law’s TR4 in late 1977. After that I fell in love with the wonderful British sports car. I finally found my 1976 TR6, second owner in 1984. My wife and I enjoying restoring it and the wonderful rides. Our son, Josh, was born in 1993 and I wanted to share my passion for the Triumph with him. So March 1995 I decorated the TR6 with shamrocks and strapped in his car seat for the Annual St Patrick’s Day parade in Parkville, MO. As you can see he took to it right away and wanted to drive at 18 months. Now 20 years later he still has that passion and when he comes home from college at Marquette University he heads to the garage to take the TR6 for a ride along old highway 61 along Lake Superior. A true family love affair with Triumphs.