Paula Beede 1967 Triumph Spitfire

From the hallway I heard my dad yell "Well I guess we will have to get you a car, I am leaving out of town soon". "And that means no sport cars" I was focused on my homework but quickly broke into a grin, did I really hear that right? I went to sleep dreaming of what old clunker I might find. That week I looked at every beat up car on the road imagining being the driver. Well on that Friday after noon I was walking home and looked up and spotted the cutest little care I had ever seen. I was in love but it was never going to be. A spitfire triumph and for sale. I dreamed on the way home and decided one day that will be mine. It was late and my dad came home at dusk, "I have to leave tomorrow". "But dad I do not have a car" Honey it is dark and raining outside we will have to wait. I begged him to see the car I had seen down the way not mentioning it was a sports car. Honey it to dark and wet to look at cars tonight. "Please dad" . He finally agreed and off we went. Too dark and wet to even tell what the car looked like. The owner walked out with an umbrella and my dad said "oh sorry we do not want it, it’s a sports car" The owner sung it praise as it poured down and my dad started to listen. I could not really hear them but then my dad got in the car saying it is time to go and my head hung low. "Dad I am in love with that car". We drove home in silence and I went to bed and killed my dad good bye for his long journey. Wandering out asleep in the morning I noticed something shinny on the table with a note. It was a pair of keys and under it was written Bye Happy Birthday I said no sports cars. I looked out the window and was in shock to see my dream care sitting in the rain. Since that day on when ever my dad calls he says "How is my girl and how is the Triumph?" 
Well, I am 64 now and my dad has passed but every June 19th I take a ride in my Triumph and remember all the great times. The funny thing is my dad would always take my car out for a ride when I was home telling me he was just making sure it ran well? He fell in love with it too.