Robert Mulcahy & his '76 MG

Nancy (wife) said "Did you see that green car at the estate sale? I think it’s a MG." 

“Oh really, maybe I'll go look.” I did go and I figured it had to be a kit. I raised the hood (bonnet) and it’s a real MGB. It needs a lot of TLC, but a MGB.

Back home I tell Nancy, “Yeah, Mom, it’s a MGB and goes to the highest bidder.”

A while later Nancy hands me a paper with a number on it and said, "This is what you can pay for it." So off I go with paper in hand and place my bid. Saturday at noon I go back with check book in my pocket and they tell me I just bought a car. Now It’s all her fault that I spend lots of time and the kids’ inheritance on my MGB. At my age, I deserve it.