Alan Gerstle & his '66 Sprite

Way back in 1967 when I was 20 years old I bought a brand new Triumph Spitfire. It came with a tonneau cover that fit very tight and was an ordeal to snap on and zip up if it was chilly out. One day after a nice ride I came home, zipped up the cover and went in the house. 
A few moments later I remembered I had left something behind the passenger seat. Not wanting to undo the tonneau again I figured I could just open the driver’s door and crawl in and maybe reach the item I had left in there. 
As I was twisting and wiggling in I could see a pair of shoes behind me on the side walk. I backed out a bit to see who it was and it was an elderly gentleman and he said, "Son, I think you should go buy a bigger car." 

I guess he figured that’s how you had to get in the car. I had a good laugh.