Barry McCoy & his '68 MGB

I HAVE ALWAYS LOVED sports cars. I bought mine in 1986, it wasn't in the best of shape but I still drove it for a couple of years. Finally I parked it in the garage until I could rebuild it. I retired in 2002 and spent a year rebuilding it. I was almost finished, and had just got a new paint job and I was mounting the all the parts back on the body. Also that same day my wife and I were babysitting our grand kids 3and 5 years old. I was mounting the doors and the kids were playing around the garage. Both doors were on but not adjusted, when my wife called to me that I had a phone call, so I went in the house to get it. As I was returning to my car one grandchild yelled out " we closed your car doors for you." Which you can guess what happened to my new paint job. The unadjusted door took some paint off both sides. After staring at the damage and feeling both anger and hurt. I realize that the kids meant more to me than my beloved car. The damaged paint from that day is still on my car. I never repaired it and now those kids are in college and every time I drive my car it reminds me what is really important in life.