Bruce Cunha 1950 MG TD

I purchased my TD while I was stationed in San Francisco with the US Army in 1974. I had owned a british car (68 Austin Sprite) while in college, but really did not know a lot about MGTD's. I knew of only one other in the small northern California town where I grew up.

My brother and I, along with a MG TD car repair manual, fully restored the TD ourselves. Including paint and all mechanical (first picture). My wife and I spent many weekends driving the TD to various car events, including a few parades (second picture). The car is a part of our family. My daughter grew up riding in the TD to school, and going with Dad on drives (third picture). When she was married, the TD was included in the reception forth picture). This is truly one of my favorite photos; it has my lovely daughter and the car that has been with me for 51 years. The car will go to my daughter in the future, but for now, it is content ferrying me around and getting looks and comments from people everywhere we go.