Larry Gray 1979 TR7

In 1965, I had a 1957 MGA roadster I bought my senior year of high school. 

I had worked mechanically on the car and had it running fairly well, but the exterior and seats were really tired. 

Upon high school graduation, I went on active duty in the Army reserve and while in basic training unbeknownst to me, my dad, not a car nut or a man known for showing his feelings, had my car painted, new seat covers and door cards installed, and wire wheel hub caps (from a Cadillac with MG medallions covering the Cadillac marques) added. 

When I marched off the Army graduation field at Ft. Leonard Wood, there it was. 

That was the nicest thing my dad had ever done for me. 

50-yeasr later, I can still see the gold color, white seats and top, and those massive wire wheel hub caps with narrow white walls, and I still think of my dad who passed away 11-years ago tomorrow. 

I now have a new passion, a 1979 Triumph TR-7. My wife named it the Money Pit. I also have a second car, a '76 parts car "POS-2". 

My restoration is just starting, but hopefully I can rekindle the joy I had driving around in the MGA.