Ronald Murphy 1977 Spitfire

I spotted the 1977 Triumph Spitfire parked at curbside with a "for sale" sign on it. This was 1989. I checked it out and decided to buy it. After getting it back home, I decided to give it a wet/dry compression test and found a deviation in one cylinder. So, I went to the Army-Navy Surplus store and bought two pairs of overalls... one for me and one for my wife. We put the car on jack stands, dropped the oil pan and commenced to remove pistons. We replaced the rings and crank bearings. The interesting thing is, my wife was under the car with me and drew pictures, so I would get it back together properly. It fired up nicely. We noticed it was lopsided from the rear. We removed the transverse spring and had it re-tempered and set. Then to some minor body work. I took the car to the body shop for an estimate to have it painted. The owner of the shop looked at it and said "Ya know, I do all the work for State Roads trucks and the yellow paint I have for them is much better than regular auto paint." So, I agreed. Several days later I went for the car. The owner said he lost money on this job, saying the young men did the job while he was gone and became infatuated with it. They gave it four coats of paint, rather than the two we agreed to and then the same with the clear coat. The car is in my wife's name. We remember the good time we had working on the "Spit." Twenty six years later, we, in our mid 70's still love taking her for a tour of back roads South Carolina. She has been garage kept and often under a cover. I posted a photo of her on FaceBook. A friend asked if I gave it a name. My daughter chirped in and said "Its name is Daughter's Toy, after the old folks are finished with it.