Titus Vesel 1978 Midget

“A Series of Funny Events at a Birthday Party”

It was a  hot West Texas summer day in April when my wife, son and I were headed to a birthday party for my 3 nephews and son (All of which born around the same time) The boys were turning 1, 2, 3 and 4 so you know this was going to make for an exciting day. 
Right before leaving the house I had come to the decision that I would take out the beautiful Vermillion Red 1978 MG Midget 1500 for this daring drive (it had never been on the highway since I purchased it and I have just finished some major motor work). So we hit the road, my wife following studiously behind me trying not to get any of my hot oil tail coming from the bottom of the motor on our new vehicle. I was hardly comfortable driving this car above 40 mph, but once on the highway she traveled very nice and I even got up to the speed limit of 70mph. 

On the way to my sister’s house where the birthday party would take place (about a 20 minute commute via regular vehicle/ 35 via MG) After exiting the highway I pulled up to an interesting intersection, which you can see in photo 1, where it looks like I am on the wrong side of the road. Well my wife snapped this photo while I had a proud gleam on my face and posted it to her Instagram and Facebook. It wasn’t even 10 minutes later that I started to get lots of heat about “driving on the wrong side of the road” and “not following American laws.” However, this certain intersection turns from a 1 way on the North side to a 2 way on the south side, but instead of explaining to all of the outraged individuals I rather simply said “British car, British rules.” This seemed to stem a whole controversy that took place online while I was at the birthday party, however I was very amused at the amount of individuals that it upset!

Once I arrived safely, praise the Lord, at my sisters house my nephews all ran out and couldn’t stop oohing and awing at the “Red sports car WITHOUT A LID”…. Yes.. without a LID. They are pretty creative with all of their descriptions. Anyways they demanded that I take them on rides around the neighborhood and so I proceeded to chauffeur them around the block while they flipped every switch, adjusted every knob, and turned the radio up to the max while their hair flowed in the warm Texas air. As you can see in photo 2, I had one nephew sitting directly behind me and one behind the passenger seat. I almost gave mommy a heart attack because the one behind me, Ryder, has a “balance” issue and was STANDING up the whole time I was driving, and apparently “swaying side to side.” I, of course had no idea this was going on and I got a pretty good scolding about it upon our return to the driveway. He has had some issues in the past of “toppling” out of peoples arms when they least expect it. Woops. 

After our escapade in the Midget around the block the 4 boys decided they wanted to race sports cars, so in the spirit of preserving their lives we decided to make them cardboard vehicles and draw a track in the backyard on the grass so that they could rally race! After much time building our cardboard stock cars from boxes (for the frame), zip ties (for the grill), flashlights (for the headlights), and paper plates (for the wheels). We began the races to find out who was the quickest of them all! The nephews all. of course, LOVED this game and demanded that we continue playing until dark. The parents of course had no objections because they would all be tired and sleep at night. 
Upon leaving that birthday my nephews all approached me and said that I MUST come visit and bring the car without the lid with me. When I asked where I would put my son, since it’s only a 2 seater, they responded with “strap him to the shiny bars” (meaning the rear luggage rack). Gotta love those kiddos!
This ended the birthday escapade of 2015!