Christine Koren & her '69 MGB

Bought a brand new MGB in 1968 right after my graduation from High School after obtaining my first Job in Hartford, CT. The car was my daily driver from Somers, CT to Hartford, CT everyday (28 miles Roundtrip). After 8 years of driving in Snow and Ice of New England winters, the body was badly rotted and most gauges didn't work. My husband got rid of the car one day behind my back because he felt it wasn't safe to drive anymore, although the car always started each time I put the key in the ignition. I was devastated when I found out the car was gone. I started having reoccurring dreams of waking up to see the "B" in my driveway, looking like it did when I bought it brand new in 1968. The dreams were very vivid and continued frequently. One day in 1994, my daughter came to visit from New Hampshire. I came to the door and saw a red MGB parked in my driveway. I first thought I was dreaming. She had always remembered my original MG when she was a child growing up in the 1970's and all the fun times we had in it. She found one just like my old MG but it was a 1969 instead of a 1968. Anyhow, she then sold it to me a few years later. I still own the beautiful tartan red MGB and continue to restore it. Oh, and I've never had that reoccurring dream ever again. I guess it's because my dream came true.