George Pollock & his '75 MGB

Remember Burt Reynolds Cannonball Run Movie from the 80’s?

Well here is the 2014 version … all you need is a bunch of friends with vintage cars trying to get to different check points following a map in the least possible amount of time... but without making any traffic violations!!. So if you have a few friends with vintage cars in good shape, and like to remember the 80’s... play some disco music in your stereo and plan a Cannonball Run…FYI: it’s safer than trying to replicate Smokey and the Bandit!!... Plus you don’t need to beat up your car, make it fly, or buy a CB radio to have fun!!

BTW, I got hammer that day because my navigator and I got confused on a turn, plus due to the power of the 6 cylinders engines in some cars… however…next time… I’m coming in with a GPS and a Nitrous Oxide system (photo attach) just to provide a little leverage to the fun…