Reynaldo Madrona & his '64 MGB

When I was six or seven years old, way back in the Philippines Island, 36 years ago, my parents gave me a metal red toy car with a black top on my birthday with a plate number inscribe on it "MGB." I played with that toy most of the time, and after playing with it I wiped it with baby oil to make it glossy. Then one day we went to my parents’ God-son’s birthday and this guy was playing with a red car with black top and similar to my MGB toy, since I was young I forgot about it, then one day when I check (my MGB toy), where I hide on top of the wardrobe cabinet of my parents. It’s gone! So I figure it out that the one that their God-son was playing with on his birthday is my MGB toy. I was sad but what can I do it’s gone. So when I was 16 years old, I was looking in a magazine, merely scanning it, and I saw a picture of a MGB and the ad says brand new and the price is $4,000.00. I said to myself, when I get to the USA I’ll buy one, since my sister and my parent were here in the USA since 1965. When I got here in 1979, I was looking for a car to be used as transportation to my job. I saw in the local newspaper a used 1964 MGB for $1000.00. It’s red and with a black top on it. I test drove it and it ran good. I used it for going to work for five years, then the engine went down, I rebuilt it and used it for another 17 years until the engine developed a problem in 2003. Before we moved into a different place in San Bruno, I restored some body works on it, painted it and spent some money for an engine rebuild, but it still needs more parts. The gas tank was leaking, it needs a new battery, needs a new fuel pump, a new starter, tail light lens and some other parts. I checked every local auto supply but they don't have parts for this kind of car, so I went to the junk yard but they are all scraped for the metal, during that time there was no internet. I am still longing to fix this car, then the internet was born and I started searching and I find Victoria British. now I am retired but still lots of things to do and the car was still sitting in my garage. Still longing that one day my beloved old blu will run again.