Ricky Boler 1974 Spitfire

Hello British Car fans! This is a story of how my daughter decided I was the best dad in the whole world! My daughter was looking for her first car. She told me that she wanted a 1978 Corvette that a friend of mine had at the time and my response was, "I don't think so." I could just imagine the price of insurance on a Corvette for a 16-year-old! I was at another friend's house one day and he had a Iittle red Triumph Spitfire under a shed and I asked about it. He said it didn't have the motor in it. We started talking about it and I asked what he would take for it and was pleasantly surprised when he said $500.00. That sparked my interest because it didn't look that bad under all the dust. When I got home that night, I told my daughter that I had found her a Mini Corvette. She excitedly asked, "What did you find?" I quickly replied, "Triumph Spitfire!" With a puzzled look, she asked what that was. After showing her a picture of one on the computer, she was ready to go see it right then! I immediately called my friend and set up a time to go see it. She naturally loved it so we bought it that day. I fixed it up so she could drive it to high school and she was instantly cool! It got backed into and damaged the front her senior year of high school but that turned out to be a blessing because we got a new paint job. My daughter has since graduated from college and is now finishing up her law degree so the car is here at home and I get to take it to local car shows. It has won several awards. All of the kids love this little car! The other day at a show, a little girl about six with her mom, asked me if the car was mine and I told her it was my little girls' car! I let her sit in it but that wasn't enough. She wanted to go for a ride!!! When my daughter comes in town, she wants to do is drive her Spitfire! She drives off with the top down and a smile on her face! It doesn't get any better than that! Thanks to the Triumph Spitfire, for all the joy it brings!!!