Thomas Geoghan 1961 TR3A

I moved to Chelveston Royal Air Force Base in 1960 and needed a automobile. Wanted the Morgan but the factory was only producing seven a month and wait time was eighteen months. I proceeded to the Triumph Factory in Coventry and ordered the TR3A. Options: Hardtop, aluminum sump, overdrive, ashtray, light bar with driving and fog, luggage rack, lifetime under seal by 3M, special floor mats, wire wheels and factory manual. Met my wife to be who had a new Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite also 1961. Honeymoon involved trip to Wles, Scotland, ferry to Northern Ireland and back to England. Arrival in Belfast turned into disaster as an International Motorcycle event caused no room at the Inn. We had to drive to Dublin to find a Hotel to stay the night. Consequently we crossed the Irish border at 2 A.M. and weren't aware as guards were not on duty 24/7. Proceeded on 10 day tour of Ireland and returned to ferry in Dublin. "How did you get this car in Ireland?" Explanation for crossing border not accepted so had to pay fine of five pounds to return to England. Subsequently assigned to France to be closer to Cold War territory. That followed by assignment to Lubbock Texas after nineteen hour flight to McGuire AFB in New Jersey which included many stops. Picked up TR3A from storage and proceeded on two thousand mile trip with wife,( pregnant) new son and two dogs. Thank goodness for luggage rack that carried a foot locker. After twenty four years as a pilot in the USAF and sixteen years as Federal employee, eighteen moves in forty years, and four more children, fourteen grand children, we still drive the TR3A in original condition.