Chris Arneson 1957 100-6

I'm 45 and fell in love with my ‘57 Austin-Healey100-6 over 30 years ago when I saw the shrouds and wings hanging from the beams of a family friend's barn. I didn't fully comprehend the car until he showed me a photo later in the day. I was instantly smitten and remained so. I've never seen a prettier car then or now. The previous owner had bought it in ‘67 from a car lot in Washington and drove it ‘til the mid-‘70s before taking it apart to restore it. It stayed as a basket case until two months ago when he decided he was never going to get around to it. Fortunately, I had continually inquired about it over the decades and he decided I would be a good steward of it. I hope to be. 

I've nearly bought 3 Healeys in my life but each fell through at the last second. I had largely given up the search as they continually climbed in value. I am so thrilled that this one is finally mine. I owe my dad a giant thank you for being the one who finally talked the previous owner out of the car. Best birthday ever, Dad! 

Now “Lola the mistress,” as my wife has christened her, gets nearly all of my waking attention. I have her on a rotisserie now and am diligently welding on it nearly every night. By the end of summer, I will have a painted chassis and it will start to resemble a real car again. We're shooting for a driver that looks really good from any distance but is meant to be driven. The promise I had to make is to finish her up in the next few years and take it back for the previous owner to drive again. That’s a fair deal!