Gunther Lachner 1971 Spitfire

In 1979, I worked in South Africa and was offered a 1971 Triumph Spitfire Mk IV from a colleague of mine. I could not resist and got the car very cheap.
The car quickly became my daily transport and I drove it for about 8 years. After that I had some mechanical problems and I stored it for about 10 years in my garage.
One day I decided to restore that beautifully shaped car to its former glory.
I took off the body, the engine, gearbox and all the suspension parts, blasted the chassis and sprayed it the original body color. 
After that I restored all parts to as good as new condition, before I mounted them onto the chassis. Finally I got an expert to spray the body for me and had someone completely restore the interior.
As per the pictures attached, the car looks as good as new.
Even though I’m not living in South Africa any more, the car is still there, with family of mine and I drive it whenever I go to visit.
My Spitty is already 44 years old, but it still turns heads when I drive it in Johannesburg.