Victor Carter 1965 & 1967 Sprites

I have a red 1967 Sprite that I purchased from a guy. He also had a blue 1965 Sprite that he wouldn't part with. I worked with the red ‘67 for a few months. It mostly needed panels and floors, which I got from Victoria British. When I was done, I showed it to the gentleman with the blue ’65 and then they didn't want it anymore. So I purchased the blue one and drove it home. It sat parked for ten years while I was working on other projects. I drove the red ‘67 off and on for those ten years until it got hit one day. It was a hit and run of course. Insurance paid for the car as I had stated value and I thought it be faster to fix the blue 1965 because it was a California car. Very little rust. The engine was sound except for the carburetors, which I rebuilt. I stripped everything off and out of the car. I kept the same seats and had a friend do the door panels. I redid the carpet with a new set that I got from Victoria British and repainted the car the original color. I painted the dash, added new weatherstripping, new rubber, a new top, cleaned the gauges and made everything work like it should. I took it to the All British show in 2011 and took first in class in box Sprites. It also was at the Kansas City Automotive Museum for a year. It was such a small car it filled the nooks good, and I think the kids loved it also. After the blue ‘65 was done I couldn't stand to see the red ‘67 sitting wrecked, so I took it to a shop to have it pulled out and repainted. I changed the interior to give it a different look. I've since given the red ‘67 to my youngest son. He helped a lot with the restoration on both cars. When he graduated the police academy, I told him it was his. It's still in the family. 

It's really a story of two Sprites we've loved and enjoyed for 18+ years. When I saw these cars in the garage 18 years ago, who knew they would impact our lives this way. I like, before purchasing the car, getting a parts book to see what's available, and I like to find that parts were in the next town and not California. I would get up on Saturday and run over and pick up whatever I needed. Come home and work until I run out of parts. Then I’d do it again next week. Thanks for listening. -Victor