Vincent Santell 1967 MGB

Having turned LXX(70) in April, it's been a real blast driving this machine. The car is now XLVIII(48) years young and the best part is that I'm the original owner.

One paint job, the usual repair/replace of the normal parts that make it GO, along with rebuilt OEM shocks---fun drive....I need not explain the Foxtrot/Uniform/November, anyone who owns one or has had the pleasure---is this newer technology which fits----electronic ignition-----What the HADES, I still know how to do points/condenser without watching YT or University Motors!

Took me to Pensacola, FL back in the late 60's for Navy flight training, taught the girlfriend how to drive "Stick shift" she must have liked it, married that girl and somehow---still married... then towed to California----where it's almost a daily driver again---amazing getting all these thumbs up in a car once rather common and driven daily....look close, still has the decal for NAS ALAMEDA left front---dated 1980---rare!

Aging gracefully, car & owners!