Zane Clark & his '75 Midget

For many years I wanted a car to restore. I had restored a 1949 Chevy pickup many years before. This time I wanted a sports car. I began watching the newspapers for an MG. After many months, I saw a 1975 Midget advertised in the paper for $1000 in a city about 40 miles away.
When I went to see the Midget, it would not run. In fact, the hood would not open. The lady selling the car for her daughter said that her daughter had driven the car until the girl's boyfriend worked on it for her. It seems that while he was doing so, the couple broke up. Possibly accounting for the condition of the car. 
The car was painted bright yellow. The body was in pretty good shape and was ready to be loaded on a trailer except for a flat tire.
I was assured that there were no engine parts missing, so I agreed to buy the car for $800. Luckily, the lady included a parts catalog that she had from Victoria British. If she had not done that, I would not have known about the best place to get parts. 
When I got the car home and got the hood opened, I discovered that the reason it would not start was that many of the ignition wires had been cut, possibly on purpose by the boyfriend.
It wasn't very long before I got the car running. After several more months, I got it in good shape; adding several parts from Victoria British. At first I painted the Midget white and a year later painted it red.
During the seven years I have owned the MG Midget, it has given my wife and I many pleasurable hours of driving.