Daniel Girard's '79 Midget

Early this year, my sister bestowed upon me an MG Midget. I was a little apprehensive about taking the car, namely because I'm 6' 2'' tall and dress out at 234 lbs. I thought it would be a tight fit. As is turns out, I fit in it quite nicely, and just have to use a specific way to get in and out of it! 

After hauling it from South Carolina to Virginia, a good friend let me store it in his workshop this winter and we began tearing it apart. Checking brakes, all lines, hoses refilling all fluids, S150 carburetor, recalibrating the auto choke, setting timing, changing plugs, restoring the emissions and other little bits like bulb replacement, etc. The car has 62,000 original miles on it and not a speck of rust. The interior is like brand new. The transmission is tight and shifts easily. 

All of my buddies and me couldn't believe how new this car looked and drove after 36 years. It's a great car for drives up to 200 miles or so, and gives me enjoyment "tinkering" with it. I'll bet this car would last another 36 years if it were taken care of the way it has been so far. I've seen others similar to mine, but this one is by far a rare find. 

What I find amazing is that almost all parts for this car are readily available, even after all of these years. What also strikes me is how easy it is to work on. Nothing is really complicated at all. 

Now, I'm not going to apologize for saying the following, for it must be brought to the forefront. I'm sure the safety of the car is questioned by some, but aren't all vehicles, including motorcycles, aircraft, and most all other drivable machinery, and the folks driving them vulnerable? Common sense would tell you that, and common sense would tell you that this car is as safe as the person driving it, so that nonsense of the MG being a "death trap" is clearly wrong. Walking across a busy intersection is more dangerous that driving a vehicle, even this one. 

I can honestly say that there have been days when I wish it weren't my car, but in retrospect, it's just as enjoyable lifting the hood as it is sliding into the driver’s seat. I think we all can relate to that.

A heartfelt wish would be for the British Leyland Company to reappear, and begin building new MG's. In our current economy, a small car is the way to go!