John Werthmann 1971 GT6

Dad had purchased the car in the mid-eighties shortly after I had left home to join the military. The car was in okay shape when purchased. Dad spent the following years putting time and parts into the GT6. He would drive it to some local events in Pittsburgh, PA. He had some help along the way from a good friend and fellow sports car aficionado. As years passed, dad gradually spent more time on the Mustang and started cycling more when weather permitted. Last year dad made mention of selling the Triumph and I immediately told him he had better not sell the Triumph because I had always liked it and wanted the opportunity to buy it. The deal was made for a non-negotiable price of nothing! I just had to have it shipped from Pennsylvania to Californai. Shipping was arranged and the little Triumph made the journey to its new home out west.

Upon arrival I took some photos of my daughter in it in its new home. I’ve taken it from a running condition and have been slowly making headway on replacements! Looking forward to spending more time with an old friend.