Jon Hayter 1978 MGB

I grew up in the UK. The last car I had before immigrating to Washington was a Triumph Vittesse with a straight 6 2-litre engine and twin SU carburetors. That was a sweet little car with a sun-roof that took me all over southeast England. It was a really fun car to drive because the power to weight ratio gave it such good acceleration to overtake/pass slower vehicles on the meandering English country roads. Between 1980 and 2013 I had to content myself with driving a variety of American vehicles with the responsibility of raising a family. In 2013, one of my children had moved into a rental home near Spokane with his wife and child. On a visit he showed me what his landlord had in a garage building on his property: a yellow MGB that needed some care. The engine did run albeit rough. We eventually bought it from our son's landlord, and trailered it back to Tri-Cities. 
We have chosen a complete Restomod and currently the body has been stripped to bare metal, repaired, and re-painted. We look forward to entertaining the grand kids with it in the years to come.