Matthew Smith's '74.5 MGB

I bought my 74.5 MGB when I was 14 years old. I spent the next two years getting it running, driving, and stopping with Victoria British parts. 
It was my year round daily driver, in Michigan, for two+ years. Amazingly fantastic handling in winter driving. 
The first Monday after graduating High School, I decided it was time to replace the drivers side floor pan. That turned into both floor pans being replaced, the quarter panels (in front of rear tires) being replaced, the interior being replaced, and of course, the entire car being stripped of everything to receive a new paint job! Three summers worth of work later, my original Blue over Tan MG turned into a Yellow over Black MG. 
Same motor, Same transmission, and until yesterday, the same brake rotors!
After 22 years of ownership, I still Love my MG. It is my baby. I have purchased and become bored with and therefore sold over 25 cars over the years. Ask my friends and they will tell you that I plan to be buried with my MG. 
Without Victoria British LTD, this story wouldn't exist and my baby would probably be in the scrap yard.