Rick Sommerfelt 1970 GT6

When I was 22 and a first term Airman, I was stationed in England with the United States Air Force at an Air Force base named R.A.F. Bentwaters/ Woodbridge. I was an A-10 Warthog fighter Aircraft Mechanic. This is about the time when I fell in love with a 1970 Triumph GT6+ for sale and bought it on first site. The U. S.A. was leasing the above bases during the cold war and stationing thousands of enlisted and officers for the purpose of Air Force defense to the posturing of the U.S.S.R. military. One cold December night while working on one of our A-10 Warthogs at R.A.F. Woodbridge, our lights in the Hardened Aircraft Shelter began to flicker, then they finally failed and went out. We stumbled around until we found our flashlights to see and 20 minutes later a military police officer came into our Hardened Aircraft Shelter and ordered us out to assemble at the entrance gate for assembly, roll call, and a briefing. That night it was brisk and very slightly foggy quiet and still. I remember it well! All of our mechanic workmates were all accounted for and given strict orders to evacuate the area via the FRONT base gate and go home in our vehicles until contacted to return! This is very unusual and way out of context to how things operated on night shift at our squadron. After the briefing, I confided with the Military Police Officer who had given the evacuation notice that I would not be able to fulfill the instruction to only use the FRONT gate to exit the base. I only had enough gas in my tank to go out the back gate, my usual route through the local villages to my home village. If I was ordered/ sent out the front gate, this would cause me to run out of gas because this was the long way to my home village adding many miles to my trek. The Security Police Officer tried to arrange for someone to bring me some gas with no luck, so he opted to let me go out the back gate with serious restrictions. I was to approach the back gate with my lights off, stop and show my security credentials and military I.D. to the armed Security sentry. The sentry walked around my vehicle, my 1970 Triumph GT6+ , he verified my identity for authorization to proceed. He then seriously insisted that I follow his instructions to the letter or risk being arrested. He instructed me to drive slow with lights on, do not stop for any reason unless directed to do so, Leave the restricted/ quarantined area, and keep going and proceed home as instructed, and do not discuss this detour with anyone ! I drove through that quarantined area after I left the back gate turning left . By the way, the back gate at R.A.F. Woodbridge was known as the East Gate and I turned left one cold December 21st night and traveled past a lot of military police vehicles and the Deputy Commanders white roof Staff car in my 1970 Triumph GT6+. I saw many military Police troops getting instruction from someone in charge. While traveling past the busiest area, I tried to peer into the woods to see what they were doing but they positioned huge portable light units strategically facing the traffic to blind your view into the forest. I slowly drove past this very unusual occurrence as directed. Now 30+ years later I learned that my 1970 Triumph Gt6+ and I had witnessed the most interesting and documented investigation of a U.F.O. harassing our weapons storage area / base on record. The Security Police were massing for this investigation to the left of East Gate just off the base perimeter in the woods. The Base Deputy Commander and several Security Police men would have their encounter that night with the trespassing U.F.O. and I cruised by in my 1970 Triumph GT6+ . Now I can talk about it without repercussions!!
Whoa, what a creepy night! Hence, the availability of the book , T.V. documentary series, Left at East Gate., U.F.O. harasses US military in Suffolk England.
I can tell you for certain something REALLY serious happened that night as I experienced the power outage, the evacuation, the roll call, the briefings, and I saw them looking for it with the Deputy Commander of RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge. Me and My 1970 Triumph GT6+