Riley Sterpka 1976 Spitfire

This summer my dad & I bought a used ‘76 Triumph Spitfire 1500. We got this car because we wanted a father-son project. Because of this car, my dad & I have had many fun times: from having to fix gas leaks, install a new muffler to having him teach me to drive stick and getting to spend a lot of time with him. My favorite memory is when we had to change out the lower speedometer cable. We had to lift the whole car up and slide under it. Because of the new muffler we installed, I was the only one who would fit to slide under. I had to use many homemade skills to get off the tiny bolt that was sunken into the catalytic converter about 5 inches. It took us 2 long hours to get the cable on. After coming from under the tiny car, I was covered in oil, gas and grease but came out victorious. The smile my dad had on his face made my day. We were able to finally test the speedometer and it worked perfect. Seeing a part of an old car work after it was sitting for 10 years from the previous owner made me feel like we were finally bringing the car back to life.